HIV Services

HIV Services
We have HIV specialist staff and provides free and confidential testing, treatment and care for people at risk of or living with HIV.

Our current S100 prescribers are Dr William Donohue, Dr Steven Wade, Dr Bianca Davidde and Dr Carol Khaw.

  • We are involved in clinical trials for people living with HIV. These are the trials we are currently enrolling patients in:
  • Opposites Attract: a study of HIV viral load, anti-retroviral therapy (ART) and HIV transmission in serodiscordant male homosexual couples (ie. one partner is HIV positive and the other partner is HIV negative). We will recruit serodiscordant male homosexual couples and follow them for up to 4 years. The study will provide information on the role of ART as a public health measure to prevent sexual transmission of HIV among homosexual men.
  • AHOD (Australian HIV Observational Database)
    An Australian observational cohort study reviewing what medications people living with HIV are on, their demographics, how advanced their HIV infection is, and any complications of treatment and any other illnesses.
  • PrEPX-SA: PrEPX-SA will monitor how providing large-scale access to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) medication impacts the rate of new infections across the state. There will be 500 places available in the study and we expect to start enrolling in late April/early May 2017. If you wish to take part in the study, please register your interest via the central online register


We see patients by appointment only- call us on 8231 4026 and our reception team will arrange a suitable time with an available doctor.