Sexual Health

Our doctors at O’Brien Street Practice are experienced in diagnosing and treating Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

STIs are on the rise in Australia and often don’t cause symptoms. We recommend regular check-ups for all people who are sexually active.

For men who have sex with men we follow the STIGMA guidelines that advise a sexual health check up every 3-12 months depending on the number of sexual partners you have. A standard check-up will include urine, swabs and blood tests for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea and chlamydia.

Heterosexuals are advised to have regular sexual checks ups if they have multiple partners or are under the age of 30.

After your check up results will be available within about 3 working days. You will usually be asked to return to collect your results during a brief follow-up consultation.

Many people have difficulties with sexual function such as erection problems (erectile dysfunction). If you have any concerns please talk to your doctor at ESD. Note that all consultations and results are strictly confidential.

Rapid HIV Testing

O'Brien Street is part of a demonstration project funded by the government to provide rapid HIV testing and surveillance and is running in conjunction with the Burnet Institute who are evaluating the project to inform future service provision in SA. You will need to make an appointment to have this rapid test- we are unable to offer a walk-in service due to staff levels and availability.

This is a free test and is also available at Clinic 275 as well as Shine SA. 

The Rapid test usually provides a result within 30 minutes and involves a finger prick test using blood collected by either one of our GPs or our Registered Nurse. As part of the test process, you will be asked to fill in a survey prior to the actual test- this is conducted on an electronic tablet by you and takes about 10 minutes to fill in. 

The test used in this project is called Trinity Unigold Test- generally, rapid HIV tests are very accurate but a very small number of rapid HIV tests can give a false reactive result (around 6 in every 1,100 tests) To confirm if the rapid test is correct, a laboratory test is the best option.

If the rapid test is conducted during the window period (i.e. the period after infection but before the test can detect the prescence of the virus) the test may give a false-negative result. A non-reactive test today tells you that you were HIV negative 3 months ago. You will be advised of the best options when you talk to the person conducting your rapid test.

Your result will only be given to you- as the test takes place through this project trial, your name is not recorded on the test result or survey sent to Burnet Institute for the evaluation. Any data used as a result of this project trial will be de-identified data and will not be able to be linked back to you.

This project is carried out according to the NHMRC National Statement on Ethicl Conduct in Human Research (2007) and the ethical aspects of the research project have been approved by th Royal Adelaide Hospital Research Ethics Committee and by the Human Research Ethics Committee of the Alfred  Hospital.

A more comprehensive information sheet is available at O'Brien Street for your perusal.

Sexual Health Physicians

 Dr Carol Khaw and Dr Danae Kent are Sexual Health Physicians that consult at O'Brien Street Practice and are happy to see patients with a written referral from another Medical Practitioner. Please refer to main link on home page for further details on their availability and services.



We see patients by appointment only- call us on 8231 4026 and our reception team will arrange a suitable time with an available doctor.