Our doctors at O’Brien Street Practice are experienced in diagnosing and treating Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

STIs are on the rise in Australia and often don’t cause symptoms. We recommend regular check-ups for all people who are sexually active.

For men who have sex with men we follow the STIGMA guidelines that advise a sexual health check up every 3-12 months depending on the number of sexual partners you have. A standard check-up will include urine, swabs and blood tests for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea and chlamydia.

Heterosexuals are advised to have regular sexual checks ups if they have multiple partners or are under the age of 30.

After your check up results will be available within about 3 working days. You will usually be asked to return to collect your results during a brief follow-up consultation.

Many people have difficulties with sexual function such as erection problems (erectile dysfunction). If you have any concerns please talk to your doctor at ESD. Note that all consultations and results are strictly confidential.

Sexual Health Physician

 Dr Carol Khaw is a Sexual Health Physicians who consults at O'Brien Street Practice and can possibly take on a new client after being sent written referral from another Medical Practitioner. Please refer to main link on home page for further details on their availability and services.


We offer clinical psychology services and our Clinical Psychologist,  Adrian Booth provides both onsite consultations on Friday as well as evening telehealth appointments which he organises at a time in consultation between his clients and himself. 

This service is only offered to patients of O'Brien Street and are accessed with the additional privilege of being bulk-billed as part of your care in collaboration with your O'Brien Street GP.


 Adrian Booth is currently at full capacity for taking on new clients.

Clinical Counselling is provided by Dr Bronwyn Parker on Thursdays. Hypnotherapy is another service that she can provide if it is deemed suitable and practical. This can be assessed in an appointment with her.

 This service is only offered to patients of O'Brien Street and are accessed with the additional privilege of being bulk-billed as part of your care in collaboration with your O'Brien Street GP.

* Please note: we do not take external referrals for patients outside of the client base of O'Brien Street Practice. 

We provide general medicine services that cover not just acute needs but also help you manage any long term or chronic conditions. Many in our community have complex conditions that require a long term and team based approach. Your GP can help co ordinate your care with other allied health providers including physiotherapists, podiatrists and psychologists.

Due to a shortage of GP's, we are only able to take on new patients that fit the criteria of our specialised areas of medical care such as sexual health and HIV care and management.

Consultations at O’Brien Street General Practice are by appointment only. To make an appointment, call us on 8231 4026 and our reception team will arrange a suitable time with your usual doctor. If your problem is urgent, please let us know so we can try to arrange an urgent appointment. We do encourage where possible a continuity of care by seeing the same GP whenever possible.

Our appointment system is set for 20 minutes but longer times are available upon request. If you have complex problems or a number of health issues to discuss with your doctor, please consider booking a longer appointment so that all your concerns can be investigated.

Home Visits
Home visits are available by prior arrangement for regular patients who reside in close proximity, and whose condition prevents them from attending the clinic. Our reception team can provide you with further information regarding fees, accounts and home visit services.

Repeat prescriptions, referrals, radiology and pathology test results
Doctors providing prescriptions, referrals to specialists, radiology or pathology test results are responsible ethically and legally to ensure that these are correct and warranted. Therefore, a consultation with a doctor will be necessary. Referrals for treatment by specialists, radiology and pathology tests may incur additional charges.

The Receptionists do not have access to your clinical information so we are unable to answer any clinical questions that you may have i.e. we cannot access nor give out results We send electronic internal messages to your treating GP who will respond to your request as soon as they are able, or they may get our Clinical Nurse to call you with your results.

Please be aware that for legal reasons the Doctors are unable to back date medical certificates and referrals.

Once a prescription or radiology/pathology referral is generated in your consultation with your doctor, it is your responsibility to keep these in a safe place until you need to use it.

We do not keep copies of pathology/radiology requests in your file for re-printing- you are given the original so it is important that you keep this in a safe place to take to the appointment at either a pathology collection centre or a radiology provider.

Likewise, your prescription is the original- whilst a record of what is prescribed is retained in your notes, if you misplace the original, a new one must be generated by your doctor.

All telephone requested replacement scripts and referrals posted out to patients will incur an administration fee.

We request your assistance in making O'Brien Street Practice a safe place for everybody- please help us by maintaining appropriate and respectful behaviour.

Use of Mobile phones and electronic equipment in the waiting room.

We ask that if you need to take a phone call on your mobile whilst in the waiting room, please take the call outside of the building. The foyer of the building is not an appropriate area to use as the sound carries into both consulting room 4  and also to the upstairs tenants.  If you are using your mobile or electronic device for entertainment purposes in the waiting room whilst waiting for your appointment, we ask that out of consideration to Reception Staff and others that the volume is down and that touch sounds are inactivated. If you wish to listen to your own music or audio-visual entertainment using an electronic device, earphones must be used.


We understand that you may be unwell, stressed or anxious. Our Practicde has a zero-tolerance policy towards violence and will not tolerate verbal or physical threats made towards members of the staff or General Practitioners, both face to face or over the phone.

Charge for Transfer of Notes to another Practice

 If you wish to transfer your care to another practice, please be aware that an administrational charge will apply for the copying and mailing of your complete medical record to your new GP. All transferred medical records are sent via Australia Post as a registered mail item for security reasons. You will need to sign a release of information from your new GP before we can release/process the transferral of notes.

Minor operation
Minor procedures and operations are available to patients of O’Brien Street General Practice. These include Implanon insertion and removal, suture of lacerations, skin biopsies and minor lesion removal.

Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)
O’Brien Street General Practice offers Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) treatment to patients who have potentially had a high risk HIV exposure. Please advise reception staff when booking that you may require PEP treatment so that the soonest available appointment can be offered. PEP treatment must be commenced within 72 hours of exposure.

If you require PEP outside of our business hours, please contact the PEP hotline in South Australia on 1800 022 226


For general enquiries or something that you feel is not answered in our website, please feel free to contact us by using the above email address.

 Please do not use the email address for appointment requests or to change appointments.

For after hours medical treatment, weekends/public holidays contact National Home Doctor Service on 137425. This service comes to your home and is available from 6pm weeknights, 12 noon Saturdays and all day Sundays and Public Holidays.

Please do not use this email address to request appointments or to cancel an appointment : this needs to be done by calling us on 82314026 or by leaving a message on our answering machine. It is essentially for general enquiries only.

If you need a repeat prescription, have forms that need filling in by a GP or a updated referral/letter, this needs to be done in an appointment with your doctor.

All appointments or cancellations need to be made by contacting us on 8231 4026- if you need to contact us out of business hours, please leave a message on our answering machine and we will respond as early as possible the next working day.

If you are coming from the city, the buse to catch that travels along Sturt Street is the G10. Make sure you don’t board any bus with the letters X or F after the number.

The closest bus stop is Y1 on Sturt Street, which drops you off outside the Sturt Street Primary School. Just walk ahead and you will find O’Brien Street on your left. There is signage on the footpath headed ‘DOCTOR’ with our business details below. Walk in through the carpark and once through the exterior glass doors, you will find us on the ground floor.

* Prescriptions, referrals and letters are requests that need to be dealt with in an appointment and not considered as an enquiry.

At O’Brien Street Practice, our doctors believe in fostering health in human diversity and offering good medicine to all people, without judgement.

Established in 1991, O’Brien Street since 2005 is a joint collaboration with SA Health. It is fully accredited by Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited and provides a full range of medical services by male and female doctors:

  • Comprehensive medical care 
  • Immunisations, sexual health and palliative care


Located in the southwest corner of Adelaide city at 17 O’Brien Street, Adelaide. From the city, the bus to catch for closest access with the most frequency to us is G10.

This bus travels down King William Street, through Victoria Square and along Grote Street. It then travels along Morphett Street and around Whitmore Square and then heads along Sturt Street. The stop closest to us is Y1, which is located outside Sturt Street Primary School.

Alight from the bus and walk towards West Terrace: O'Brien Street is on the left.

Please note that if you are driving to us, we have no on-site parking but parks are generally found nearby in Gilbert Street.



**Important News**




Due to the COVID situation in South Australia, we have moved our method of delivering health care from face to face consultations to that of virtual health care, provided by O'Brien Street practitioners via the options of either telephone or video consultation for all patients who have a current Medicare Card so now you don't have to leave home.

This is with the aim to keep both you as a patient and your healthcare providers free from risk of infection transmission.

If you’re unwell or need to self-isolate, you can still attend a consultation virtually. Telehealth or Video Call consultations are not only convenient, but can also reduce the spread of illness. 

Your GP or Health Professional will go through the normal procedures of asking about your symptoms and assessing potential diagnoses. You can also get your prescriptions for medicine or discuss any general health concerns.

Video consultation will rely on the quality of your internet access and the ability to participate in a consultation by generally using the camera function of your mobile phone.

There may be an occasion where you will need face to face contact with your treating GP or Allied Health provider which will involve attending another location aligned with O'Brien Street Practice.

This can be discussed in consultation with your GP and assessed in terms of clinical urgency and risk if a face to face consultation is required.

For any pathology services ordered by your GP, we will forward your request form to a collection centre that is located close to where you reside.

Please check with the pathology centre when making a booking for any specific instructions; some centres are co-located within a private practice and may have restrictions of entry, especially if not vaccinated for COVID, be mindful that standard restrictions of entry relating to COVID screening will apply to SA Health Care settings. 




Call O’Brien Street Practice during standard opening hours and staff will book your appointment for you. If you have any concerns about this change to the way your healthcare is delivered please ring us to discuss with your GP on 8231 4026. 



 Partnering with Consumers- Your feedback matters


SA Health always welcomes feedback about your experience with healthcare services  provided by our practice- compliments, complaints, suggestions or feedback. This can be done via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 7074 1377.




 COVID-19 Vaccinations COVID 19 Update


O'Brien Street Practice will not be taking part in the roll-out program of providing COVID-19 vaccinations. Visit www.health.gov.au 

and follow the prompts to COVID-19 vaccinations for a searchable list of practices in South Australia that will be participating in the program.




Please note that we currently close on Fridays at 1.30 as we have no clinical staff onsite. 



When paying for your visit in full at the time of consultation, reimbursement of your Medicare rebate can take place using our TYRO machine utilising your debit card.  



Check in with Reception upon arrival and take the opportunity to update your address, phone and mobile phone details. 


 We do not take external new patient referrals for Psychology  services provided at O'Brien Street.




We are currently unable to take any new patients due to a shortage of General Practitioners.



Our SMS reminder system is interactive. They are sent out from 8.30am the day before your appointment and you are given the option of typing either YES to keep your appointment or NO to cancel. No full stops required- just YES or NO. Trying to send other responses only confuses the reminder system.

If you have elected to receive SMS reminders, you must reply to the message to keep your allocated time.

Failure to attend a booked appointment without response will result in a missed appointment fee. Missed appointment fees are based on time booked and are not claimable through Medicare. Please refer to Fees tab to see these charges. 


  Please note that Drugs of Dependence are generally not prescribed in an initial new patient appointment at O'Brien Street- your initial appointment is an assessment by the GP.


Dr Mark Fuller  has now closed his books for new patient referrals.


We request your assistance in making O'Brien Street Practice a safe place for everybody.

Please help us by maintaining appropriate and respectful behaviour.

Thank you

Email Address is for general enquiries only- apppointments must be made by phoning us. 


Please see Sexual Health page for detailed information about this service

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We see patients by appointment only- call us on 8231 4026 and our reception team will arrange a suitable time with an available doctor.